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GPS timeseries at JPL

We produce various position timeseries using the GipsyX software in a Precise Point Positioning mode. We use our Network Processor software to manage the large numbers of PPP jobs on a linux cluster. In some cases, a troposphere series is also retained.

Our series:

Western North America & Global

  • 1992-present
  • Version "repro2018a" completed Oct 2019 using GipsyX in ITRF14 is current
  • Position and troposphere series are extended on a weekly basis
  • Metadata from SOPAC xml files (login as anonymous, password=email)
  • View a map of the network (opens in new window)
  • Download from:
  • also available via the joint SIO and JPL ESESES MEaSUREs website
  • Higher-level data products based on this series:
    • At the ESESES MEaSUREs website for JPL and SIO Solid Earth joint data products:
      • MGVIZ GIS-based plotting tool
      • a combination of the JPL and SIO series
      • outliers removed; offsets determined; spatial filtering
      • derived troposphere products
      • derived strain, transient, and water storage products.
    • At JPL:
      • plots
      • outliers removed; offsets determined and velocities are estimated
  • 1992-08-16 to present:
    • Created using GIPSY's precise point positioning (PPP) capability with JPL GIPSY Final Orbits, reprocessed in 2018 in IGS14
    • GPT2 troposphere with GPT2 nominals
    • IGS14 absolute antenna calibrations
    • Second-order ionosphere

Extended network

  • Updated irregularly
  • Includes PPP solutions for permanent and campaign sites


  • All data courtesy of GEONET/GSI
  • Daily PPP positions: Inquire for availability
  • Subdaily Tohoku-Oki positions and coseismic offsets from the ARIA project: Download location

Disclaimer: JPL's time series products are intended for research and educational purposes only. Commercial use requires prior approval from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

Who we are:

  • Angelyn.Moore (at) - Network Processor development; Western North America & Global; Japan GEONET; Extended network
  • Sharon.Kedar (at) - Western North America & related strain products
  • Michael.Heflin (at) - JPL higher-level data products
...all of the Tracking Systems and Applications Section.

Susan.Owen (at) also contributed to these timeseries, and we enjoy helpful interactions with many other GIPSY developers at JPL.

Last updated: Feb 2022