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GPS timeseries at JPL

We produce various position timeseries using the GIPSY-OASIS software in a Precise Point Positioning mode. We use our Network Processor software to manage the large numbers of PPP jobs on a linux cluster. In some cases, a troposphere series is also retained.

Our series:

Western North America & Global

  • 1992-present
  • Version "repro2011b" completed Dec 2011 is current
  • New ITRF2014 version expected 2nd-3rd quarter 2017
  • Position and troposphere series are extended on a weekly basis
  • Metadata from SOPAC xml file (Warning! Large file!)
  • View the network (opens in new window)
  • Download from:
  • also available via the joint SIO and JPL GPS Explorer portal, which also offers map-based site selection
  • Higher-level data products based on this series:
    • At the GPS Explorer portal for JPL and SIO Solid Earth joint data products:
      • plots
      • a combination of the JPL and SIO series
      • outliers removed; offsets determined; spatial filtering
      • derived troposphere products
      • derived strain products.
    • At JPL:
      • plots
      • outliers removed; offsets determined and velocities are estimated
  • 1992-08-16 to present:
    • Created using GIPSY's precise point positioning (PPP) capability with JPL GIPSY Final Orbits, reprocessed in late 2011 in IGS08
    • VMF1 troposphere with VMF1grid nominals
    • IGS08 absolute antenna calibrations (igs08_1604.atx & later)
    • No second-order ionosphere

Extended network

  • Updated irregularly (last update: Feb 2012)
  • Includes PPP solutions for permanent and campaign sites
  • To be available soon


  • All data courtesy of GEONET/GSI
  • Daily 2001-2011 PPP positions: Inquire for availability
  • Subdaily Tohoku-Oki positions and coseismic offsets from the ARIA project: FTP location

Disclaimer: JPL's time series products are intended for research and educational purposes only. Commercial use requires prior approval from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

Who we are:

  • Angelyn.Moore (at) - Network Processor development; Western North America & Global; Japan GEONET; Extended network
  • Sharon.Kedar (at) - Western North America & related strain products
  • Michael.Heflin (at) - JPL higher-level data products
...all of the Geodynamics and Space Geodesy Group.

Susan.Owen (at) also contributed to these timeseries, and we enjoy helpful interactions with many other GIPSY developers at JPL.