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GipsyX Software

License Request Request a License to use GipsyX
First you have to request a GipsyX license. To do so click on the above link and select the 'Request Software' button. Then fill in the requested information using GipsyX for the Software Title.
Download Software

Download GipsyX Software
After obtaining a GipsyX license, click on the above link and use the user name and password provided when the GipsyX license was activated to obtain GipsyX.

GipsyX Features

  • Single receiver ambiguity resolution using JPL's orbit and clock products for GPS
  • Sophisticated filter and smoother with flexible process noise modeling
  • Complex models of geometric effects
    • Sub-daily and long-period Earth orientation (polar motion and UT1) variations
    • Solid Earth body tide deformations
    • Ocean tide loading deformations
    • Transmitter and receiver antenna calibrations
    • GPS and GLONASS attitude models, and preliminary attitude models for Galileo and BeiDou
    • Phase windup
    • Quaternion input for vehicle attitude (e.g. Earth Orbiters, aircraft)
    • General relativity
    • Crustal plate motion (reference frame)
    • Second order ionosphere
    • Dry and wet troposphere mapping functions (GPT, GMF, VMF, Niell)
  • Complex models of force models for Earth orbiters
    • High order Earth static gravity fields
    • Atmospheric drag
    • Solid Earth, ocean, and pole tide gravity fields
    • Solar and terrestrial radiation pressure
    • Relativity
    • Third body effects from Sun, Moon, and planets
    • Custom and general models of spacecraft shape